Don Jon

(2013) Rated R - 1hr 30m

Jon Martello’s romantic exploits are legendary among his friends, but his obsession with online porn saps his enthusiasm for real sex.

6.7/10 - IMDB

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Mitch Hurwitz is staying in the Netflix fold with a multi-year deal. Under the multi-tier agreement, the Arrested Development creator will create and produce new original series, develop projects with other creators as a non-writing executive producer and consult with Netflix on comedy series. 

The Eagle

(2011) PG-13 - 1hr 54m

Haunted by the disappearance of his father, centurion Marcus Aquila sets out to unravel the mystery and recover the legion’s eagle standard.

6.2/10 - IMDB

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Instructions Not Included (No se Aceptan Devoluciones)

(2013) PG-13 - 2hr 1m [Spanish - Eng. Subs]

Unable to locate the elusive mother of a baby girl left on his doorstep, an Acapulco playboy unexpectedly begins to develop feelings for the tot.

7.7/10 - IMDB

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Punch-Drunk Love

(2002) Rated R - 1hr 35m

Barry, a bathroom supply salesman prone to spasms of rage, tries to escape constant harassment from three thugs and his seven sisters. He finds his life refreshed when he meets Lena, who falls in unconditional love with him.

7.3/10 - IMDB

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